Aiphone GH Digital Apartment Audio & Video Intercom


The Aiphone GH Digital apartment intercom system with a similar architecture of the very popular Aiphone GF digital apartment intercom system the Aiphone GH apartment system offers the added features of Hands Free communication, Colour video, expandable to sixteen entrance stations, expandable to five hundred apartment stations and allowing up to four room stations to be installed per apartment.

Being a digital system the GH offers total communications privacy unlike older analogue systems.

The Aiphone GH uses the same wiring configuration as the Aiphone GF making it easy for anyone familiar with the Aiphone GF system to install an Aiphone GH system. The entrance panel hardware is the same vandal resistant design but two stainless steel door station models have been added to the GH range, the GH10AS and the GH10VS. Both models feature digital keypad entry panel with stainless steel front panel, the GH10AS being audio and the GH10VS being video.

Entrance panels can be either Direct Select using a single call button for each apartment or have a Digital Keypad to select the apartment number. 

The apartment number on digital keypad entry panels can be programmed from any numeral from 1 to 999,999 and any letter from A to Z making the Aiphone GH suitable for single storey or multi storey complexes. Keypad entrance stations also allow for keyless entry by using the keypad to open the door.

There are four types of GH apartment stations available.

  1. Aiphone GH1ADSW audio hands free apartment station. (Discontinued)
  2. Aiphone GH1MD video Black and White apartment station. (Discontinued)
  3. Aiphone GH1KDSW video Colour apartment station. (Discontinued)
  4. Aiphone GH1KDSWS video Colour apartment station in Silver colour.(Discontinued)

The GH1ADSW, GH1KDSW and GH1KDSWS apartment stations are fitted with the service switch as standard in Australia, this switch can be used to operate lift access or local door release at the apartment. The GH1AD does not have a service switch.

Concierge stations can also be added to the system for installations in managed apartments or apartments which have a security desk. The Concierge can call apartments as well as receive calls from the apartments. Calls from the entrance stations can also be transferred to the Concierge if required after hours.

The GH system was available in two formats.

  1. Aiphone GH Standard system which enables up to five entrance stations and up to forty eight apartment stations in either audio or video.
  2. Aiphone GH Expanded system which enables up to sixteen entrance stations and up to a total of five hundred apartment stations in either audio or video with lift interface.

The Aiphone GH expanded system has the added feature of adding programmable lift interface control to the system by adding up to sixteen GHWLC lift interface modules which have twenty relay outputs each. Relays can be set as NO or NC and the operation time of the relays can be set from 1 to 600 seconds. Only name scroll type entrance panels should be used when a GHWLC is installed, do not install direct select entrance panels in this case.

For the installer the Aiphone GH system is easy to install with only two wires for an audio system and four for a video system. You can setup via a PC for systems with digital keypad entrances and have the ability to save all programming data to a PC.

The Aiphone GH digital apartment system being a modular design enables systems to be configured to suit your exact installation requirements. Please contact us with your installation requirements and we will gladly configure an Aiphone GH system to suit your installation.

Feature list for the Aiphone GH Digital Apartment system
  • Hands free operation in the apartment and entrance
  • Colour video room stations available
  • Audio room stations available
  • Concierge or guard station available (2 standard system 4 expanded system)
  • Lift interface available with up to 320 floor control (expanded system)
  • Up to 16 entrance stations (expanded system)
  • Up to 500 apartment stations (expanded system)
  • Up to 4 stations per apartment
  • Two video and audio speech links available (expanded system)
  • Simple wiring 2 for audio apartment station 4 for video apartment station
  • Crisp clear video images
  • Simple operation
  • Handset option for the GH1KDSW station (GHHS)
  • Ability to back up all programming (GHNS required with PC)
  • 3 Year Warranty

Please see the accessories page to find accessories for this model.

Please see the Door and Gate Locks page for our range of electric strikes for this model.

Please see the keypads page for Access control keypads for this model.


GH Series Audio Brochure

GH Seies Colour Brochure

GH Series Black & White Brochure

Aiphone GH Installation Manual (7 Meg)


Aiphone GFAC Installation Manual

Aiphone GH Apartment Station Instructions

Aiphone GH Stainless Steel Entrance Stations

Aiphone GHWLC Lift Control Installation Manual (2.3Meg)

Aiphone GH Software This link will take you to the Aiphone site. Click download now to download the software.

Please contact us prior to installing any cabling to ensure the correct type of wiring is being installed. Use of the incorrect cabling can affect the performance of the system.




           GH1ADSW Audio                                               GH1KDSW Colour





                                              GH1MD Black & White


                         GHMK Concierge station

All door stations are weather resistant as well as vandal resistant and are designed to last in the Australian climate. Entrance stations are designed to be flush mounted but surface mounting hardware is available when an entrance station can not be flush mounted. There is also a range of rain hoods available for the entrance stations.


 Model  Height  Width  Depth
 GH1ADSW  175mm  125mm  32mm
 GH1KDSW  175mm  125mm  32mm
 GH1MD  210mm  160mm  55.5mm
 GHMK  210mm  215mm  69mm
 GH10AS  340mm  150mm  18mm
 GH10VS  435mm  150mm  18mm
 GF2F  225mm  135mm  16mm
 GF3F  320mm  135mm  16mm

For hole cut out sizes for the GH/GF entrance panels see the entrance panel cut out size page.

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